kung fu fukudome

So I come to the MLBlogs site and BAM there is my picture on the front, crazy stuff.

But last nights game was a heart stopper in the 9th. If the rest of the season is going to be like this than I def won’t make it past the age of 18.

Did anyone else see Freddie Prinze Jr behind the plate? It was def him but sadly, he was cheering for the Dodgers.

Glad to see the Cubs scoring runs again after the bats quieted down Wednesday.

What about Fu? Scored the first and last runs of the game. Unstoppable. What a dude.

And Ryan Theriot. I’m not bringing him up because he is my favorite or anything but to me it seems like he has become more patient at the plate. He seems to be hitting the ball more and drawing more walks but maybe I am only seeing that cause I am biased.

Demp started out with great stuff. He continued all night but Jeff Kent, who knew? When he hit the first one I was like, “All right, we’ll give it to you old man.” Then a second? Grrrr.

Geovany Soto. Had an off night last night. My friend called me today and started bashing Soto. I was like, “DUDE… you can’t be the greatest every night.”

All that matters is the guys went out there and got it done. Another one in the win column. And another half game ahead of the Cards. Man, I can sympathize with those guys. That second game would’ve been a hard loss but because us Cub fans are conditioned for it we would’ve taken it like champs.

So tonight we get to see another rematch between (one of my favs) Gallagher (3-1) and Kuroda (2-5). This should be fun.




  1. braverays

    Nice blog, I found it on the featured blogs. I sincerely hope that if neither the Rays nor the Braves win the World Series, the Cubs break their 100-year drought. It looks like their year right now. And Fukudome is great, I’ve been giving him All Star votes. Hopefully you will too. Same for Soto and Theriot, they’re really underrated young players.


  2. redstatebluestate

    For the record, “Kung Fu” is a Chinese term (from “gong fu”) and is therefore not Japanese, as Fukudome is. I understand that many people confuse China and Japan; however, they couldn’t be more different when looking at their history with one another. In other words, Chinese folks would be offended by this misuse of their word.

    Welcome to MLBlogs though. I’m pretty pompous in my statements (to everyone) so don’t feel like I’m picking on you. I have been looking for new, cool blogs with good writing, and I think yours is pretty swell… even if you are a Cub fan.


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