Let’s start off on a good note.

I saw Kung Fu Panda last night. It is probably the best animated children’s movie ever. It was purely amazing.

Now to the Cubs.

I am not going to sit here and criticize everything they did today (even though that was a pretty bad 7th inning). I have realized that you can’t do that. These guys have played incredible baseball the first couple months of the season and they had a bad couple of games after winning 9 straight, so what?

Buuuuut I am going to nit pick a little at that seventh inning. First off, I think Aramis could’ve handled that ball to Derrek better. That could’ve saved us. Also, I thought Riot had the ball in his mit the entire time during that stolen base attempt. Was the ump saying he didn’t have control or he bobbled it? He def didn’t bobble it, it stayed in his glove the whole time. And I thought there was control seeing as it didn’t come out. And then on to Fukudome and the hit to right field. He def should have caught that first one but by diving as he did combined with the way he was holding the glove, he couldn’t. He should have gotten under it.

And WOW to Z’s fit in the dugout. I know I would have reacted very similarly but holy crap. I feel bad for the coolers =[  haha.

Disclaimer: I am not a Major League Baseball player. I do not know exactly what is running through their minds or the minds of some of the umps.

Now I figured I would get a little Joe Mauer action seeing as he is a total babe (oh yes =]) and playing the Sox currently. But the one night I actually get to sit down and watch a Twins game, he isn’t even in the starting line up. Yay for rain delays, I guess.

Tomorrow is the finale against the Dodgers for the wonderful Cubbies. It is Marquis (3-3, gag) vs Brad Penny (5-7, not much better than our guy huh). Let’s step it up and put another one in the win column.

Oh, and the Cards are killing the Astros in the top of the 2nd at this very moment, 7 – 0. So we’ll lose a game in the standings. But it’s still early, so smile =]



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  1. braverays

    Your team is on ESPN tonight. Should be a great game. My mom, aunts and uncles are from the Chicago area, so we have Cub fans in the family and I’ve always liked them. So good luck to the Cubs. Rays pitcher Matt Garza almost pulled a Zambrano by going off on catcher Dioner Navarro. But I don’t think that compares to Victor’s Kimbo Slice-like assault and battery on innocent Gatorade coolers.

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