Nooooooo, no es bueno Alfonso!

Okay, I was going to wait until tomorrow to blog buuuuut I’m just so excited!


Except with the loss of Alfonso Soriano =[  Losing him wasn’t good. He was just heating up and just feeling great with his legs and BAM he’s out 6 weeks. Being an athletic trainer for my school, as soon as I heard what they found in the x-ray I was like, “NOOOOOOOOO! FONS!”

But all hope is not lost because the Cubs are not a one-man team anymore. We have people who can fill his spot. I would love to see either Reed Johnson or Micah Hoffpauir in left and Riot in the lead off spot, unless Reed is in the game then have him lead off. I love Reed Johnson.. absolutely love him.

The guys played great tonight. Riot with 2 RBIs and Fu with a 3-R HR. Jimmy with 2 RBIs… I mean this is great baseball. Great stuff coming from the best team in baseball.

Must I even say who the player of the game is? RYAN DEMPSTER, hands down. He had a complete game win with 11 strikeouts… what else can you ask of your starting pitcher? He improves to 8-0 at home and 8-2 on the season (the same record as our ace, Z).

Tomorrow’s match up is a great one. Probably one of the best you’ll see in any game tomorrow. The Baby Bull (8-2) against Tim Hudson (7-4). Should be a great game. Let’s keep the bats hot.

I have a headache so I’m off.

Goodnight and GO CUBS!



  1. A. R. Pulver

    So glad to see Dempster go all the way. I was down at Wrigley last month when he was two outs away, so it’s extra special to see him close the deal. And as you and I both are saying, there are alternatives for Soriano available, with Micah Hoffpauir the most intriguing.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ll have to keep tabs on yours. Us Wisconsinite Cub fans have to stick together! What part of the state are you from?


  2. braverays

    I just got through the series finale on WGN… wow. Congratulations to the Cubs for completing the sweep. My dad and I were just waiting for the Braves to blow the lead, and then BAM — Jim Edmonds comes out of nowhere and ties the game with an opposite field 9th inning home run. The Braves just continued to leave runners stranded on base, at one point not scoring with the bases loaded and nobody out. That was an embarrassment to Atlanta, but the Cubs played very well and they have an amazing bullpen to go along with their offensive prowess. You might have the best team in the league right now. Now I hope they beat the Blue Jays to knock Toronto back away from my beloved Rays.

  3. giants55

    Yeah im a Giants fan, but ive always enjoyed watching him play. It was real surprising when i heard about his injury, and also i think hes 1st in all star voting.

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