Too Much Good Stuff

So today started off on a bad note. I woke up seriously two minutes before I had to open my work to let the kids in. I set my alarm for the wrong time and everything. Poop in a basket.


I have noticed tons more Cubs blogs popping up as of late. That’s a great thing. The team is really starting to get noticed or the fans are excited enough to want to blog about their team. I have been blogging for quite some time over at another website and finally discovered this one not too long ago.


So moving on to the game last night, I actually took the time to write down everything I wanted to bring up , because I most def wouldn’t remember everything… esp after waiting until the next day to blog.


My first thing is that home plate ump, Doug Evans. There was no way Lilly was trying to intentionally hit their batter after he gave up that home run. Lilly is a composed guy and you just don’t see that behavior from him. But mr. umpire went on a power trip and warned both benches, was a jerk to Lilly and then all smiles with Glavine? With that said, I hate umpires. All of them.


Ted Lilly. Top of the first… two strike outs and then a 3-R HR. But despite that he came back to strike out eight and keep control. He did wonderfully. So what if he gave up a three run homer? The offense came back to cancel out those runs (plus the two the braves will score later) and tack on some more.


Derrek Lee up to bat in the 3rd inning – just when I start to think, “What have you done for me lately?” he hits a solo shot. Go Lee.


And I was kinda surprised wehn Glavine left after only three innings. But he left due to and left elbow strain. That sucks for the braves… they’ll lose another star player. He only threw 72 pitches and it didn’t seem like anything was wrong but maybe I was missing something. He’s old and probably should be retiring soon.


I was happy to see Soriano so aggressive on base. Stealing bases and even getting caught once. It was a good thing to see cause that means he is feeling better and feeling confident with his legs. Back to 100%. Woo hoo!


And Geovany Soto! He hit a 3-R HR because I blogged about him =]


Ooo and Chipper Jones came up in the 7th, I covered my eyes and said, “AHHHHH!” Mr. 420 up against your pitcher is a scary thing. Not something you want to see with two guys on base. But whatever, he got walked and we got them to waste one of their bench guys to pinch run for him.


Player of the Game goes to Mr. Too Much Good Stuff – Reed Johnson. I don’t know why some people are still worrying about filling the center field position. As far as I’m concerned Reed Johnson is as good as any. The man hits for you when you need it and he plays stellar defense. He had 2 RBIs last night and two spectacular catches out in center.


And a Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Mike Fontenot. Mikey turned 28 on Monday.


On a side note, I love listening to Billy Williams talk. He has probably the coolest accent ever and he has nothing but nice things to say about everyone. Great guy.


And I’m tired of the Cardinals. They need to lose. They have won three in a row and have kept up with us each step of the way. They’re a good team and aren’t going to go away. They are like that annoying wart on the bottom of your foot, you try to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. Grrrrr, haha.


Tonight’s match up is Ryan Dempster (7-2) and Jeff Bennett (0-3). I’m quite confident we can pull it out and win again. 27-8 at Wrigley baby! Woo Hoo!


I’m off to play Ultimate Frisbee with the kids and actually do my job.





One comment

  1. braverays

    I watched last night’s game on WGN, and even as a Braves fan, I see the Cubs as the much better team right now. Cubs = Great home team. Braves = Horrible road team. The Braves went up 3-0 early and still got hammered. The Cubs are just that good this year. They have a phenomenal offense. And even I thought the umpire was in the wrong with Ted Lilly and Tom Glavine.

    I think in terms of volume on this site, the Cubs may be the third-most blogged about team behind the Yankees and Red Sox. And maybe behind the Mets. I see Cubs blogs everywhere I look. But, of course, this could be their year, so what better time than now?


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