Why I don’t like some baseball fans

So I didn’t get to watch the Cubs game, GASP, I know. And they lost so I can’t say much about it. I’ll be headed over to cubs.com to read about it in a second but I did want to blog about the Brewers and Twins game I went to tonight.

I was heading up there with my best friend to watch the Twins play the Brewers. I have a bright yellow cobolt with two giant Cubs stickers on the back windows. It was my first time ever driving on the highway so it was a big deal for me. I was really excited.

First we get lost trying to get there because every time I go to Milwaukee for something my exit is always closed but we got there for batting practice. There were a lot of Twins fans which was nice seeing as I was rooting for the Twins. And our seats were amazing, right behind home plate.. 16 rows up… freaking fantastic.

Then the Twins annihilated the Brewers. I got to see the babe, Joe Mauer. All was good cause I had an absolute blast. (Except for the drunk creeper behind my friend and I who kept hitting on us)

Then we get out to my car and lo and behold the low some Brewers fans would go to. On my front windshield  there were perfectly circular spots that had dripped and dried. At first we thought they spit on my car but one was so high that the person would have had to be on my car to do it.  So the mystery substance is still unknown and some of it didn’t come off with my wipers.


And then of course the drunk Brewers fans kept shouting out at my car when we were in line to leave. All I would yell back was, “Best team in baseball! Have a great night!”

They are lame. Now I’m not saying all of them cause I have some good friends who are part of the Brew Crew but puh-lease. Are you kidding me? Would you really put nasty stuff on my car?

I proudly wore my Cubs hat and my Twins shirt around the field. So those Brewers fans, and I shouldn’t just say Brewers fans… it’s to all those fans who would do stuff like that (even Cubs fans) who are so dumb they would vandalize someone else’s car cause they don’t like the other persons team… You are a disgrace to the game of baseball and you make me laugh. And I have a few other choice words for you.


(I don’t intend to offend the very respectful fans… this goes out to all those fans who would do this c r a p)

And I’m done ranting. Yay!

I’m tired and must go to sleep. Goodnight and GO CUBS!


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