booooooooored at work

So I’m sitting around at work. I am terribly bored. We have a total of 3 kids inside the building and the rest of my co-workers took the others outside to play softball. I stayed inside so I could watch the hall of fame game, which ended up being cancelled. Poop.

I can’t watch the U.S. Open playoff because the TVs at work don’t get ESPN so I must sit around and wait for the computer to update the leaderboard every few minutes. I like Tiger and all but I’m rooting for Mediate.


So these past couple of games have been fantastic. They have played great ball against the Jays.


I’m hoping we will being the rain against the Rays these next three games. I’m sure they will and I’m looking forward to it.


And I was wondering, what is the appeal of getting drunk at a baseball game? Or any sporting event for that matter? I just don’t understand why someone wants to go get smashed. I would like to remeber the game and not make a total jerk of myself. So please, explain to me if you can. why do people go to baseball games and go, “I’m going to get drunk!”?


Tomorrow’s match up is Dempster (8-2 phenomenal) against Kazmir (6-2, not shabby at all).


Good day and GO CUBS!



  1. wardo310

    You’ve learned a very good life lesson, people from Wisconsin just plain suck! I have refused to set foot in that state for over 12 years now due to similar experiences with people from Wisconsin. It must be something in the cheese up there, that’s why I only eat California cheese šŸ™‚ GO CUBBIES!

  2. st andrew

    Drunk bleacher bums were a big problem at Yankee Stadium before they stopped serving alcohol in their bleacher seats. Hopefully, the fans at Wrigley will never get so out of control that the bleachers go dry! Not everyone that drinks gets drunk, and not everyone that’s drunk acts like a fool up in the ballpark.

  3. braverays

    100% agreed on the drunk thing.
    The U.S. Open Championship went to a sudden death playoff. It’s on NBC right now as I write this. Tiger hit it on the fairway and Rocco hit the sand, so Tiger will probably win.
    Good luck against the Rays this week, you might need it šŸ™‚ May the best team win.

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