I had Tropicana for breakfast

So here we are again, sitting at work, bored out of my mind.

Let’s start off by saying Happy belated birthday to Kerry Wood, who turned 31 on Monday, and Lester Strode, whose birthday was yesterday!

My buddy Brenton is really ganna hate me but Tampa’s fans are really annoying. I don’t think I’ve watched a Rays game recently but lemme tell you… their fans are super annoying. I almost wanted to mute it and listen to the radio. There was a ridiculously annoying drumming noise every time the pitcher got into a count to strike out the batter. EVERY TIME. Little things like that get to me. Then there was a man that was behind the plate that decided he wanted to start yelling franticly every time DeRosa came up to bat. His son, who I am assuming was the little Rays fan sitting next to him, was ashamed to be seen with him. It got a little irritating but he eventually gave up on it. And I think there were more Cubs fans there than Rays fans. Whenever they panned into the crowd I saw nothing but blue and red.

And the Trop is def awesome cause they actually have Rays in the outfield. Like there is just a pool where you can pet sting rays. How awesome is that?

And I’m not feeling Demp’s beard thing he’s got goin’ on. It’s going to take a bit to warm up to it.

But he pitched very well. Both pitchers did. But they got deep into the count with guys fouling everything off. Dempster had one bad pitch which Cliff Floyd took advantage off but other than that the pitching is the beginning of the game was great. Except for Kazmir having 100 pitches by the 5th.

And what an exciting play when the combo of Blanco and Theriot threw out Upton at 2nd. That was exhilarating.

Theriot had an RBI single and two pretty awesome catches. The running catch into the shallow outfield was spectacular.

Reed Johnson didn’t have to wonderful of a game. He had a couple hits in the game but got caught stealing third with two outs in the 7th and his bunt play in the 9th didn’t quite work out the way he wanted it.

The 9th was a pretty crazy inning. A few bad pitches gave the Cubs another run but sadly we couldn’t get that last guy in to tie it. But you can’t win them all.


So I have to go do work now but tonight’s match up is our ace Zambrano (8-2) vs. Sonnanstine (7-3). Another good match up.


Good day and GO CUBS!


One comment

  1. braverays

    The “drumming” is the cowbells that our fans bring to the stadium. The Rays actually give them away by the thousands. The trend started with a guy called “Cowbell Kid” who sits in right field at almost every home game in a giant colored wig cheering on his Rays. I think it does irritate opposing teams’ fans, and I can’t blame them, but Rays fans are hooked on their cowbells.
    And the guy screaming at Derosa was probably “The Heckler”, who for some reason picks a player on every visiting team and screams at him the entire series. I’ve heard him before, and I’m not even sure all of us Rays fans like him that much. But when that stadium is nearly empty, you can hear him from right field even with the crappy acoustics.
    The Ray Tank out in center field is, yes, a tank where actual Rays live. They give tours up there and allow fans to pet them. The kids here love it.
    The Cubs made that a very exciting series, but my Rays earned the sweep anyway. Good luck to the Cubs in all their future endeavors. I hope they go far,

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