Riding on this winning high lately, it’s kinda disappointing to get swept.

Yes, swept. *shakes head*

I was sad that we lost again last night but then I looked at previous seasons where we would lose 6 games and I thought to myself, “Losing 3 in a row and getting swept ONE time this season so far, isn’t that bad.”

So I didn’t watch the game last night, my best friend wanted to go to six flags. Finally got to put the season pass to good use.

But I am dreading to hear the outsome of Z’s MRI. Whatever is revealed today could truely hurt or help this team. If he’s out then we’re in trouble cause… well he’s the ace.

And thank the lord that Reed Johnson and Jim Edmonds aren’t seriously injured. Then we’d lose both center fielders and the left fielder. Then we’d be in big doo doo. But Reed will be ready and Edmonds has plantar fasciitis so he’ll be back soon (I’ve treated many cases of PF during my years of training football).


But I sadly won’t get to watch the first game of the cross town classic because my work doesn’t get comcast sports net. So I’ll be watching it via gameday.

The pitching match up is Ted Lilly (7-5) versus Danks (4-4).


Btw, Milwaukee is creeping back up the standings. They’re only 5.5 out, we’ll have to keep an eye on them.


UGH. I was supposed to go out with the kids today to play frisbee golf… the day I get to go out and it’s RAINING. So I’m off to do staff like duties.


Good day and GO CUBS!!!


One comment

  1. Brad

    Well, it’s been in the Tribune today that Reed may get sent to the DL today to make room for Sean Marshall. I just hope this won’t be a nagging injury that hurts him all year. He really is a key pick up for us this spring and I don’t know what we would have done without him


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