bring out the brooms






Okay, got that out of my system.


It’s nice to come back after being swept to sweep the crosstown rivals. I feel pretty confident about us playing them at the Cell. Let’s go for the season sweep of the White Sox!!

Ozzie has the right not to like Wrigley Field but come on, uber rats? Ozzie needs to get his head out of his butt, stop making jokes and taking jabs and Wrigley and the Cubs and manage his team. And AJ thinks we’re idiots? He was just swept by the Cubs… who’s the idiot now? Ozzie doesn’t like jim Edmonds? TOUGH. He’s hitting over .300 since he came to the Cubs. I think he’s a darn fine addition to the team (not to mention he hammered the Sox in game 2). Maybe they wouldn’t have been swept if they all weren’t so concerned with bringing out everything they hate about Wrigley, our team, and our fans. Get over yourselves White Sox and win a game.

The better Chicago team by far is the Cubs. They will take these insults you throw at them and shove it right back where the sun don’t shine. =]


And with that said let’s go out there and beat Baltimore!!


Tonight’s match up is Sean Marshall (fresh out of the minors) against Guthrie (3-7).


I have work matters to attend to so good day and GO CUBS!


One comment

  1. Brad

    Not only am I happy that we swept them, but we didn’t stoop to their level. The Sox ran their mouths all weekend and the media tried to get the Cubs to add more fuel to the fire and all they said is that they worry about their team. They let their play on the field speak for itself. The more I watch this team the more I love it. They play the right way and appreciate all the fans. I really hope this is the year!!


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