Long time, no see

Well it’s been a while. Why do they have to make the college process so difficult? I just want to go to school but I have been up to my head in paper work and financial aid and what not. The only thing I’ve actually gotten to make time for is baseball because my Cubbies come first.

So we had an awesome first half. We were tied for the best record in baseball at the half and we had an awesome lead.

Congrats to Ryan Theriot and his wife for welcoming in baby number 3, Georgia Grace. And also congrats to Jim and Allison Edmonds. Hollywood got married! Yay!

The all-star game… -shakes head-. The National league needed that. The American league’s streak is extended to 11 games. And Dan Uggla… -shakes head again-. I stayed up got all 15 innings. Waaaay to long.

So now we’re back to regular season baseball.. and the Cubs have not been sparkling. We have won one out of four coming back from the break. NOT GOOD. These guys can’t win games by scoring one run. Hopefully Lou’s theory of no batting practice will work. They did that sunday and slaughtered Houston 9 – 0.

Poor Rich Harden. I don’t think they properly welcomed him to the team… someone forgot to say, “Welcome to the end of your career.” The guy comes over here, pitches AMAZING baseball but the Cubs can’t seem to pull it off for him. Whether it’s one guy or the entire offense… this guy can’t catch a break. When we have one of our stars out on the mound, those are games we MUST win because we know we’ll have the pitching needed to win a game.


Tonight the battle to win on the road continues as Marquis (who has been outstanding his last few outings) goes against Petit (0-1) on the mound. Hopefully Fukudome tweaked his approach to the game and got over his slump in his off day. Hopefully Theriot keeps hitting like he has been this season. Hopefully the 3 and 4 hitters start doing something instead of popping out and grounding into double plays and hopefully Marquis can keep up his streak of awesome outings.


Let’s get out there and win a freaking game while St. Louis and Milwaukee beat the crap out of each other in what we hope is many extra inning games.







  1. braverays

    I hated the college admissions process… way too much work just to get into a school.
    Yes, cheer on the Rays 🙂
    I would have liked to see the Twins beat the Yankees at least once. That certainly doesn’t help my team very much.
    The Cubs did indeed finally win a game last night. Not only that, they scored 10 runs. It looks to me like they’re on their way back to the top. Now if only Rich Harden could get that run support, they could win this division with weeks left to play.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Enjoy college while you can. Wish my only concerns were reading books, writing papers, finishing chemlabs and partying. At least I have baseball… though, in recent days the Cardinals have been ripping my heart out. At least the Dbacks helped us out a bit in the desert. The Cubs sure are good, but why can’t they win on the road?


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