sole possession.. again




It’s nice to finally get to say that again.

Sooooooooooooooo we SWEPT the Brewers. I was so tired of hearing “With Sheets and C.C. up, it’s two automatic wins.” Really? Obviously not.

Game 1: A battle. Ted Lilly was great. C.C. was good but not good enough to keep us from winning. I really wish we could’ve given him his first loss as a Brewer instead of a no decision but a win was nice. My heart physically started to hurt (I def saw the doctor the next day about that). I was going to give a “Hero of the Game” award to one of the players but I realized that I can’t because there was contributions from everyone to win that game. DLee and Fonsy had great offemsive nights and the win in the top of the ninth was sweet.

Game 2: A blowout. Ben Sheets had only given up one run over 5… until the spectacular 6th inning. We scored 5 in the 6th to give us a 6 – 0 lead. DeRosa and Fu each plated two while Rammy, Big Z, and Fons all drove in one. Crazy stuff. Z struck out nine while he pitched eight scoreless innings with the phenom Samardzija coming in to wrap it up in the ninth.

Game 3: A riot. Haha, I had to use it. Ryan Theriot went 3 for 3, scoring a run, plating 3 RBIs, and 2 walks. People who read my blog on a more constant basis may have seen my love for the 5’11” bayou basher. I think his night at the plate was well worth mentioning. ;]  We won that night 7 – 2. It’s nice to see the entire line up stepping up when the ever important 3 & 4 hitters go for a combined 0 – 9. Dempster kept the Brewers at one run over 7 beautiful innings of work. Gaudin has been spotless lately giving the Cubs an inning of relief and Cotts came in to close the game.

Game 4: The sweep. The home run ball helped us today. Edmonds gets the nod today with his 4th inning grand slam (that being his second home run of the game) to give the cubs a 5 – 0 lead. But don’t forget it was Harden who struck out nine over 7 innings of work with only allowing one run to cross the plate. Fukudome and Soriano each hit a home run in the game (Fu’s counted for two). The relief pitchers weren’t spotless but that didn’t take away Rich Harden’s first win as a Chicago Cub.


Chad Gaudin has been pretty awesome lately. He’s given up only one run in his last ten games and an 1.54 ERA. He was def masked when it came to the trade because of Harden but he has def has an impact on the team. He’s a great addition and I’m happy to have him.

 And Samardzija?? He may be the arm this bullpen needed. If he keeps up what he has shown us recently then I say KEEP HIM. When Woody comes back (if he ever freaking comes back from this stupid blister), it shouldn’t be Samardzija to go down (and I believe Lou has said that). He’s a great pitcher and I’m glad to see him join our crew.

Finally winning on the road. Let’s go home and keep the streak alive.


I have workly things to attend to sadly. And more college papers to fill out.

I’m moving to Wisconsin on August 29th! And I already know one of my roomies is a Cubs fan, so all is not lost.






  1. braverays

    Looks like your team does indeed have the winning plan. The Cubs are the only team to beat Milwaukee when they’ve started Sabathia, so that’s quite an accomplishment.
    And I’ve been following Jeff Samardzija since he played college football at Notre Dame. I think he’ll be a very good Major League pitcher, and with a 98 mile an hour fastball, why not? I think he and Gaudin are great for an already stacked bullpen.
    Good luck with the move and the beginning of the college life. It’s much easier after the first year or so. Especially if those around you love the same baseball team.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Just wait til you meet all those Brewer fans… or WORSE: all those Packers fans! Yikes! Even I can’t stand them (being the Bears nut that I am). Cubbies keep moving up. Guess the Cards will have to try for the Wild Card realistically speaking. I’ll be at the confines this weekend though, just to be there in case it gets interesting.

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