Are you kidding me?!


I was very excited to vote in november for Barack Obama but after some very STUPID comments on his part… I’m not so excited anymore. This doesn’t mean I will vote for McCain but I’m not a big fan of people who bash Cubs fans. =]

If you missed it Barack said, “You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren’t watching the
game. It’s not serious. White Sox, that’s baseball.”

Yes, there are some fans out there that do that BUT SO DO THE WHITE SOX FANS! Are you freaking kidding me?? Is he really that blind?

Oh, and if Cubs fans weren’t “serious” then why the (profane word) would we fill up every other teams stadiums!? Why would we use precious gas and money to go all the way to freaking california or pittsburgh to see a Cubs game?? I know fans who have gone to freaking Canada to watch a game!! And what about the fans that travel here to see a game from far away lands? I made it my mission this year to go to as many games as I can to catch my beloved team despite only making a camp counselors salary. No matter what, Cubs fans will show up because we care, because we’re serious, for the love of the game.

Honestly, just don’t take sides.

(I know this sounds childish but whatever… I don’t care. I’m still going to vote for him but now I’m angry with him >:[)

As for the Cubs, they’re playing GREAT baseball and have the best record in baseball. What more could you ask for? Oh wait, you could ask for the brewers to lose. A few more games between us and the brew crew would be comforting.

I am moving into college on friday and turns out one of my room mates is a Sox fan. She’s super nice and is happy that we’ll have a friendly rivalry. Annnnd we get WGN in Wisconsin =]

And I met Ryan Theriot!


Not only is he possibly one of the nicest and down to earth men alive but he’s hot =]

I’ve been watching him play baseball since his freshman year at LSU, needless to say, I’m a huge fan. It was like meeting your childhood hero. He’s pretty much the reason I switched from 1st base to shortstop. One day I looked at my dad while watching an LSU game and said, “Dad, I wanna be like him… I wanna be a shortstop.” And it went from there… I’m still playing shortstop and I’m glad I am. So here’s to you Ryan – you rock.

Ya know, it’s really great to see this team play. A different hero everyday really rounds the team. It’s something special. Everyone says it so I’ll spare you the speech. But this is a record breaking year… we just won our ninth series in a row which hasn’t happened since 1097… a year we won the world series. Could history possibly be repeating itself? If it does, you’ll see me in a tattoo shop adding “World Series Champs 2008” in October =]

And now I’m off to pack my room up. Wish me luck, haha.



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