A Story For the Grandkids

A make up game in Milwaukee… thousands of Cubs fans gathered in Miller Park… Big Z on the mound… and not one Astro can get the ball on the ground.

Carlos Zambrano nabbed a no hitter in a game that might not have even happened… and I was there.

Being there in person is something that no one can take from me. It was an experience I will/can never forget. This game was rained out (hurricaned out if you will) and it sounded like it wasn’t going to happen in Milwaukee. I now live only 20 mins from Miller Park (I’m attending Carroll University in Waukesha, WI). When we found out it was for sure going to be at Miller Park, my friend Ronni and I took my laptop to the floor kitchen, made pasta salad, and sat in the virtual waiting room dying for a chance to get tickets. We finally got in and grabbed two tickets to the 2nd deck right behind home plate (we had to find tix within our college student budget). We got there early, made a sign, and watched history unfold.

I don’t think we truly realized that Z had a no-no going until the 6th… that’s when everyone started getting into it. It seemed to be 23 thousand of pure Cubs glory. The fans came together to chant “Let’s go Z!” and it seemed like every at bat was the final out of the game. The fans were on their feet everytime Z got to a _ and 2 count. I was scared… I thought it was bound to be blown, someone was going to commit an error, hit a home run, or just shoot one over Theriot’s head. But it didn’t. When it finally happened the guys stormed Z on the mound and the fans would’ve too (if they could have). The place was ecstatic and alive with the cheers and cries of fans who just witnessed something magical. I will not lie, I cried. I never once in my life imagined that I would be in attendence of something so incredible. I still haven’t fully grasped what happened. After the game it seemed like everyone and their mother called me or texted me about Z’s feat.

Simply amazing, incredible, unforgettable…



  1. braverays

    That is indeed amazing. You were actually there for the no–hitter? I don’t think anything short of being there for a pennant or World Series victory could ever match that. Hopefully you got pictures or something, or at the very least saved your ticket. I can’t imagine how that would be to see a game like this during the September stretch run live and in person. Maybe this can happen again at the game I’m going to Friday night. But it’s highly unlikely.

    Congratulations on your place in one of baseball’s unlikeliest no–hitters.

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