A True Kind of Love

I feel like a terrible Cubs fan. All this time there has been an amazing cubs song out there and I never knew about it. The first time I listened to it, it brought tears to my eyes.

Someday We’ll Go All The Way by Eddie Vedder

Yeah, don’t let them say that it’s just a game.
Well, I’ve seen other teams, and it is never the same.
When you go to Chicago, you’re blessed and you’re healed,
The first time you walk into Wrigley Field.

Heroes with pinstripes and heroes in blue,
Give us the chance to feel like heroes do.
Whether we’ll win and if we should lose,
We know someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.

We are one with the Cubs,
With the Cubs we’re in love.
Hold our heads tall as the underdogs.
We are not fairweather, but farweather fans.
Like brothers in arms, in the streets and the stands.
There’s magic in the ivy and the old scoreboard.
The same one I stared at as a kid keeping score.
In a world full of greed, we could never want more.
And someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.
Well, someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.

And here’s to the men and the legends we’ve known.
Giving us faith and giving us hope.
United we stand, and united we’ll fall,
Down to our knees the day we win it all.
Yeah Ernie Banks said, “Oh, let’s play two!”
I think he meant two hundred years.
Playing at Wrigley, our diamond, our jewel.
The home of our joy and our fears.
Keeping traditions, and wishes anew,
The place where our grandfathers’ fathers they grew.
The spiritual feeling if I ever knew.
And when the day comes for that last winning run,
And I’m crying and covered with beer.
I look to the sky and know I was right today.
Someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah, someday we’ll go all the way.

This song pretty much sums up everything. It is so incredible. I listen to it and think to myself, “Gosh, why do I feel this way about a team? I don’t know the players personally… they don’t know me and owe me nothing”. And I’m not really sure I can answer this. I don’t know why I love the Cubs so much, I don’t know why they are what my life revolves around…

I want to say it’s a sick obsession but it isn’t. It’s passion, dedication. I haven’t had the best childhood growing up but the Cubs gave me something to believe in (even though most of the time it ended in heartbreak). They have become me, what I am. There is nothing in this world that could make me happier than watching a good ole Cubs game or being at Wrigley Field. It is in a sense a tradition.., passed down from my grandfather and uncles to my dad and then to me.

I love this team.

This year has got me emotional quite a bit (maybe it’s because I’m a woman). But I watch this team play and think, “My god, they could really do it this year,” and then I think of people like my grandmother who aren’t around to see it. My grandma passed away 5 years ago from cancer and she would’ve wanted nothing more than to see her Cubbies win the world series and this year it is actually a possibility. I hope they do it, for her… and for the other men and woman who have waited 100 years for another championship… for the young Cubs fans whose love for this team is just blooming… and for those who have lost hope. Please Cubbies… don’t let us down.

Our magic number is one and we are on the verge of clinching. I wish I could be down there to celebrate on wonderful Addison and Clark but I’m stuck in Wisconsin. I wish I could be down there to celebrate with my fellow Cubs fans. I’ll just have to settle with watching it on TV and thank god for Fox.

Here’s to a NL Central title and hopefully what is a successful post season.

Go Cubs.


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