agony – my heart can’t take this

I simply cannot put it into words how devastating these first two loses are. We can all get the picture but do you really feel it? Last night I laid down and tried to sleep but all I could feel was this pain ebbing in my heart.

I don’t understand why this is happening. I don’t believe in curses so there must be a better explanation.  This is (or was) the best team in the NL and now we’re on the verge of repeating 2007? What happened? The guys cant say they’re getting post season jitters cause most of them have been to the playoffs before. Get that crap out of your system and get the ball rolling. We need to win here… or we’re done, finished, finito.

Cubs fans cant take this anymore. Our hearts yearn for a win. We want it. The BoSox got it, the White Sox got it, the Cardinals got it, the Tampa Bay Rays are making their way, why not us?

Sometimes I wonder if the players care as much as we do. I know that sounds terrible cause of course they care. But some fans (like myself) invest everything we have in this team. And a loss year after year after year kills us slowly.

I dont feel bad for the players last night, except for Big Z. The defense couldn’t handle even the most routine ground ball that came their way. Poor Z was pitching pretty damn well yet he has the pressure to pitch even better knowing the his defense cant back him up.

I’m glad there isn’t a game today. Whether it would’ve been a good game or a bad game… I’m getting off this roller coaster. I need a day off.

Let’s hope Harden can take away the pain and bring us a “W”.



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