We Believe… We Always Have

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. Sheesh, I need to get on the ball here. I’ll talk about my Twins beating up my poor Cubbies tomorrow. Tonight I want to focus on one thing:

We Believe, The Movie. Directed by John Scheinfeld.
They had a Chicago Premiere Friday night at the Chicago Theatre. There was an invite only showing at 7:30 which I did see Sean Marshall leaving. And there was a public one at 10:30. I was in attendance for the 10:30 one. 
This movie was so fantastic. It wasn’t like Chasing October which followed another unsuccessful Cubs season. It was a combination of the history of Chicago, the history of the Cubs, the 2008 season, some of the players and more famous fans of the Cubs, and the best part of Chicago baseball: the Cubs fans. 
I felt connected with the movie. It explained everything my life was about. I realized after watching the movie that I really do have a special relationship with this team. It’s something extraordinary. There are good times and bad and we survive them all. Best part is, Cubs fans return year after year to cheer on their team, hopeful of a new winning season. 
The celebrity fans were absolutely hilarious! And the profiles of the players were great. They kept DeRo and Woody in there (as they should). It was fun to see the players views on their teammates and hear straight from them about things. I got to hear Fukudome talk for the first time. He talked in Japanese but he said a phrase that Theriot taught him, “Sorry your honor, I’m not from this country.” haha And they talked about the players feelings towards the wonderful “Go Cubs Go” song. (There is also a fabulous part about Steve Goodman in the film)
They also recapped some of the important games from the ’08 season including the 9-1 game against the Rockies in which we came back to win, Z’s no hitter, our 10,000th win, and our division clinching game. 
Overall it really explained how us Cubs fans work. It was great to see a movie about us and our dedication to this team, our love. 
I would recommend this to every Cubs fan. Every single one of them needs to see this movie. And if you’re not a Cubs fan but like baseball then I also recommend this to you. 
Whether or not we won last year (and we should’ve, trust me… that World Series should’ve been ours… but we choked, of course), the Cubs fans return every year in full force. Ready for another year of excitement and disappointment. 
I am Stephanie and I love the Cubs. 

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  1. millirose

    Hey, I too am a huge Cubs fan and have a blog on here. Unfortunately I live in Utah so attending games is somewhat difficult. I had some extra time before work and found your blog and have to say I am very impressed. I enjoyed reading your enteries. I am angry they traded DeRo too and Ryan Theriot has always been my favorite with a little mix of Mike Fontenot for the Cajun Connection! I love the pictures and dislike Kevin Gregg. I’ll be back to read more. 🙂 Have an amazing day! ~Milli~

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