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Liquid Precipitation Strikes Again

1st game of the Crosstown Classic – Called due to RAIN. Not surprising seeing as it was monsooning there. There is no make up date scheduled yet. 

wrigley rain.jpg
And while we were waiting to hear what the call was going to be about the game, we got to listen to Ozzie rant about Wrigley… again. I’m so tired of hearing about it. All right Ozzie, we get it. You don’t like our stadium. You have made your message clear. The media hawks should just stop asking about it. 
They also talked to Ryan Theriot before the game 🙂 (Just thought I’d mention it)

Today’s match up was supposed to be John Danks (4-5) vs Zambrano (4-2). But instead, tomorrow we’ll see Danks (4-5) against Dempster (4-3). Zambrano has been pushed back to Thursday against the Sox. 

One of the best quotes of the night:
“What do I need to show fire for?” Piniella said. “I’m not a dragon.”

The Cubs and Sox are tied at 33 games apiece when it comes to playing each other. The next game will give one team the advantage of the other. And in all of the games they’ve played against each other, the Cubs scored 322 runs and the Sox have scored 323. Crazy stuff how close they are. 
Other little notes: 
  • Von Joshua will make his Cubs debut Wednesday instead of Tuesday now. 
  • The Cubs brought Jake Fox back up because Waddell went on the 15-day DL. He is on the disabled list to be evaluated and treated for a non baseball related issue. 
play nice crosstown.jpg
So tomorrow we will begin the Crosstown Classic. 

College World Series:
Anyone else keeping tabs? 
I am rooting for LSU, of course. They beat both Arkansas and Virginia so they will play friday against the winner of the Virginia/Arkansas game on Wednesday. 
And CS Fullerton and SO. Miss. have been eliminated form the CWS. 
Jared Mitchell: “What did the red fish say to the navy one? You’re blue.” 🙂 
Yesterday I got to meet Mike Fontenot.
meeting font.JPG
He was super nice. And he def cleans up well 🙂 
Anyone see him and Micah Hoffpauir on My Boys? They were actually pretty good, haha.
Until tomorrow, 

Oh boy Twinkies… Crosstown Classic Up Next

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After the first two games of the Cubs and Twins series I couldn’t even look at my Joe Mauer tshirt hanging in my closet. 

Twins took the first two games of the series 4-7 and 0-2 respectively. But the third game was ours… sort of. 
It was totally a pitchers duel and the wind was blowing straight in. The wind was terrible annoying cause there were at least 3 cubs hits that would have went out of the park…  UGH to the Windy City.
Ted Lilly had another All-star outing, going 7 2/3 innings and even though he gave up 9 hits, he only gave up 2 ERs and struck out 6. PS – he walked 0.

tedlilly interesting pitched in the world.jpg

(don’t know where this came from but it’s awesome)
And so the Twins only scored on a Carlos Gomez home run and a Punto RBI. 
Now to our bats… They have been silent. The Cubs were going through another frustrating slump. However maybe today’s game will be the end of that. 
The Cubs got two runs off of a Theriot sac fly and a Geovany Soto RBI. The game winner came in the bottom of the 9th with bases loaded. That was hit by none other than my boy, Ryan Theriot. 
(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Not to mention the Cubs fired Gerald Perry. You knew something was going to happen. I feel indifferent to it. I didn’t know the guy and the problem was with our hitting. Of course someone is going to take the blame and here (right or not) it was Gerald Perry. Von Joshua will take his place. This looks promising. He’s worked with a lot of the guys before in Triple A. Earlier in the year Theriot credited him with the home runs that were going on. Let’s see how this goes. 
So on to the next series – the Crosstown Classic. 
I have grown to dislike this series. Last year we swept the Sox the first series and then they returned the favor. And I have come to realize that the fans make this a much bigger deal than it really is. We face each other six games out of the season (we aren’t counting if there was to be a sox/cubs world series), SIX games out of 162. Why is it such a big deal who beats who? Bragging rights? Come on people. Like Ozzie mentioned, let’s be more worried about our team winning the WORLD series rather than the cubs/sox series. 
It did anger me with the Sox players comments about Wrigley last year but it seems they have moved on. Saying only that they wish we had better facilities. It’s an old park, what do you expect? Again, you’re only here 3 games out of the year… deal with it.
I respect the other Chicago team. This year they are facing our much more important rivals like the Brewers, Reds, and I wouldn’t mind seeing beat the Dodgers. So for about 9 games this season I am not only a Cubs fan but I’m a White Sox fan. 
One day I wish that Cubs and Sox fans could live in harmony. I hate being typed as an *** because some Cubs fans are and I’m sure the respectable Sox fans are tired of it too. Let’s concern our selves with our team and winning a pennant rather than bragging rights. Peace brah. 
crosstown classic.jpg
So to look back a bit, I went to the Sox and Indians game on June 5th. I only went to see DeRosa and Woody. My best friend happens to be a Sox fan so we decided to go. 
my indians shirt.JPG
I couldn’t find a DeRosa Indians shirt in time so I had to make one 🙂 It’s my DeRo Cubbies shirt. 
me and dero.JPGme and woody.JPG
Before the game (we got there EXTREMELY early), my goal was to get autographs from my favorite ex-cubs. 

They came over and talked with us hand full of Cubs fans that were there. They were the nicest guys! We made sure they knew just how much we miss them on the North side and just how stupid we thought their trades were. 
jordan and i in seats.JPG
It was a fun game. 
I am going to see Mike Fontenot tomorrow. He’s coming to a shop in the mall where I live. 
Until tomorrow (actually probably Tuesday or Wednesday),