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Raining on the Dodgers Parade

I am so cold right now. It is freezing in my house… it is cold outside. It’s going to be even colder in Wisconsin when I go to school.. so I have to deal with the super cold and Brewers fans… ugh.

Can someone help me? Every time I go to comment on someone’s blog it says I don’t have permission but after I sign out and sign back in, I can comment. What the heck?

Soooooo the Cubs huh? Oh yeah (say it like the Kool aid man).

Cubs get to go back to Wrigley with a winning record from this road trip. That’s exciting seeing as that puts the Cubs at 11 – 3 against the West and leaves us on a good note when we welcome the Braves to the friendly confines.

Speaking about the Braves… I am relieved to hear that we won’t be facing Chipper, or at least for the first game. He scares the crap out of me. Best hitter in baseball… yeah, scary when your team is facing him. But then again it would be nice to take care of business with him and maybe prove we can sit him down. But why take the chance? Even though Jones has gotten me 6 hits in my current streak in MLB’s beat the streak.

And my star of the game this evening is most def Marquis. I mean, whoa. He worked about 6 1/2 innings and managed to keep the Dodgers to 3 hits, yes count them.. 3. He lifted his record to over .500, he is now 4-3.

Honorable mention of course goes to Mark DeRosa. I am a happy camper tonight that he is on my fantasy team. I never had him start until I realized my other second baseman blew… big time. But DeRo had a wonderful three hits, including a home run in the first and an RBI hit in fifth. Woo hoo!

And DeRo batting second caught me off guard at first. I thought maybe Ronny would just slip into Riot’s place at second in the line up but Lou moved it around a bit, and I’m not complaining.

And of course Marmol came in to get 2 awesome outs. But my satellite cut out because of a storm so I didn’t get to see them.

Hopefully, when we’re back in Chicago, Soto can get back on the horse and start hitting again. He went 0 for 4 tonight and hasn’t been too hot this road trip.

Monday we have an off day (what is a baseball addict to do?) and Tuesday it’s our lefty Lilly (5-5) against the ever aging Glavine (2-2). Game time is 7:05 CT. Think we can take them? Oh yes we can, esp since it’s at home… and we are a fantastic 26 -8 at home. Must be the Wrigley field magic.

I think my posts would be a little longer if I didn’t have such a short memory. Maybe I should start writing things down as I’m watching the game.

Ew, it’s raining again. I hate storms.. and I really hate tornadoes. We are under a tornado watch until 1:00 am.

Ooo, and on other sports notes, Celtics take game two!! I have a friend who is in love with Kobe and says he is way better than Jordan. You can’t be better than Jordan. I don’t even like basketball but I will be very happy if the Celtics could hold off the Lakers and win it all.

And make sure to stop by here:

: Rising from the Ashes – A Rays fan who blogs for the love of his team. It’s a great read even if you aren’t a Rays fan.

I can’t remember if there was anything else I wanted to add. Thank you short term memory for crapping out on me.

Oh yeah, I told my friend Jamaal I would blog about a comment he said to me on Friday. He just really wanted to get into a post. So here it is:

Jamaal: Staples center… blah blah blah blah blah…
(Me sitting thinking to myself, what time was the game on again?)
Jamaal: What am I saying? If the Cubs don’t play there than Stephanie doesn’t care.

Here’s to you Jamaal.

And hopefully the rain will stop so I can catch some sleep. I am off to watch Fear Itself and Swingtown.

Goodnight and GO CUBS!



first post – oh yeah!

So I was blogging about the Cubbies over on live journal but now it’s official. I am a blogger at MLBlogs.

And sadly I don’t have too much to say tonight cause unfortunately I didn’t get to catch too much of the game. GASP – I know. But I was out shopping for a dress for graduation tomorrow. Yay! Finally done!

But I will say, GREAT JOB GUYS! I mean when Z goes 4 for 5… you must applaud. This was a phenomenal game. Let’s keep it up.

I’ll def be watching tomorrow night. And then blogging =]

Now off to read Mark DeRosa’s blog.