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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow… it’s been a while. Finally school is out and I have more free time on my hands.

But do I want to watch my Cubbies with all that free time? I don’t know… after this three game set in Milwaukee.. PSH.

But unfortunately I am a slave to all things baseball. So I will undoubtedly go back to watching the Cubs day after day after day.

I am def wondering if I should kidnap Jim Hendry and take over in his place. How can anyone watch our bullpen and go “Damn, that is a sweet bull pen”? Aaron Heilman? Come on. Neal Cotts? Please. Chad Fox? Gone. Action needs to be taken. The only guys that I have COMPLETE confidence in are… oh wait, that’s no one. Gregg and Marmol both give me the jitters when they go up there. However, Guzman hasn’t been too bad as of late.

And I am UBER mad that Randy Wells first major leage outing was awesome but he didn’t get the win! Kids deserves it.

Soto… JESUS MAN! Rookie of the year? Hello? Where did you go? He was up to bat two night in a row with bases loaded and did NOTHING. TWO FREAKING NIGHTS IN A ROW. Um… is this going to be a pattern all year cause I can easily campaign for more Hill time.

My boy Riot was on fire! I didn’t get to blog about his wonderful homers! I wish I could’ve gotten on here sooner! I Ryan Theriot…

except for right now. He’s def in my dog house. Yesterday he had some pretty bad mishaps at short and he hasn’t done anything in the batters box. I think he needs some more time with the “fuzz machine”.

It’s nice to see Bradley come out of his shell. Def need him to start hitting more. He needs to live up to the trade he was.

And Rammy? Don’t even get me started. WTF? More injuries? What is this? 2005? Four to six weeks is a long time. I hope he recovers fast cause he was seeing the ball really well before he went down.

Fons = A+

I think that as a Cubs fan there are 3 teams that you DREAD losing to: 1. Brewers 2. White Sox 3. Cardinals

Watching us lose 2 out of 3 to the Brewers was killer. I have a ton of friends that are Brewers fans now that I live in Wisconsin most of the year. I may just have to shut down my facebook if the heckling gets too bad. (Just kidding… my friends are awesome and don’t do that :])

Might I add that I love Mother’s day. I love the pink bats 🙂 I think they are probably the coolest things ever and I think everyone should have to play with one on mother’s day. Our players with them today were: Milton Bradley, Mike Fontenot, Aaron Miles, new guy Ryan Freel, Geovany Soto, and my boy Ryan Theriot. I kinda wish more guys had them on our team. I’m a little disappointed.

Thoughts on votes for the NL All-Star roster? I’ve been voting but I would like to hear who others are voting for as well.

Early day tomorrow. No game but I have a lot of running around to do before I start working at the Teen Center and the Zoo.

good night & GO CUBS!!