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The Grand Salami

So today at work I played a little MLB 2K8 on the Wii. 


I played as the Cubs of course. I started a season and right away it wasn’t going well. I couldn’t figure out how to trade and they didnt tell me in the little booklet. I couldn’t figure out how to switch my starting line up and rotation. And the first team we had to play was the brewers. I said **** it after a while and spent millions of dollars on the brewers scouting reports and just started the freaking game. At first I had no idea how to pitch and Henry Blanco was not calling the right stuff. Quickly we were down 2-0. Finally I made it to the bottom of the inning. First pitch to Soriano, home run 2-1. Aramis Ramirez comes up a little later (after some terrible strike outs), home run 2-2. The Brewers get the lead to 5-2 because everytime I have a guy running to catch a fly he slides. And then they wouldn’t throw to the cut off man or they’d throw to a base that had no one at it. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t figure out defense for the life of me. Our bottom half of the inning comes up and DLee jacks a three run homer to tie it 5-5 (sounds familiar right? The real Dlee did that in tonights game). The kids came back from the field trip and threw off my mojo so I quit.

And then I got to come home and watch the real Cubs play! 

sam fuld.jpg

I love Sam Fuld. He has done nothing but produce for this team in his two starts. Soriano who? Lou said he will be starting Sori tomorrow, that man better get out there and hit his *** off. Or Cub fans won’t be happy campers. 


Tonight the star of the game was Derrek Lee. He hit a three run homer and then a GRAND SLAM. Yes, he had the grand salami. But don’t forget Jake Fox and Geovany Soto both went deep. The Cubs had a 9-2 lead of the Brewers but the Crew chipped away at the lead slowly and the final score was 9-5. I big win for the Cubs. I don’t think our offense for this weekend was spent on this one game cause really it was only one guy that did the scoring – DLee. I think we can muster up at least a tied series against them if the Cubs keep hitting. I’ll be at the game on sunday to cheer on Teddy Bear and the Cubbies! Yay! 

The Cubs also aquired Jeff Baker from the Rockies. And he’s taller than Font. 


I’ve never heard of the guy before today (and we may have faced him before but he didn’t leave an impression). The traded away Al Alburquerque  and Ryan Freel was DFAed. Why are we trading for middle infielders? That isn’t our problem. Are they trying to get more hitters? Cause we have enough of them (they just need to start hitting). We have Ryan Theriot, Mike Fontenot, Jake Fox, Aaron Miles, and Andres Blanco all healthy in the infield. And Aramis Ramirez will be returning from the DL as soon as Monday. So I ask again, why are we trading for middle infielders? We need to be getting relief pitching. That’s our downfall. Please Jim Hendry, get some relievers. And who will leave when Aramis Ramirez, Reed Johnson, and Angel Guzman are all brought back Monday (or at least they all can come back then)? I wish they could keep Jake Fox, Andres Blanco, and Sam Fuld but at least one of them will have to go. I hope they get rid of Kevin Hart b/c he was the one they brought up for Guzman, please please please get rid of Aaron Miles, and I hate to say it but I think Andres will be the one to go. Jake Fox can play both infield and outfield and I’m sure they’ll need him to back up Ramirez some once he comes back. But I’m not Lou or Jim… so we’ll see how that goes. Any ideas on who will go?? 

So that concludes it for tonight. I actually have to work early tomorrow and then it’s off to Summerfest to see my biffster Allie, fireworks, and hopefully Shinedown. 

Until then, GO CUBS! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow… it’s been a while. Finally school is out and I have more free time on my hands.

But do I want to watch my Cubbies with all that free time? I don’t know… after this three game set in Milwaukee.. PSH.

But unfortunately I am a slave to all things baseball. So I will undoubtedly go back to watching the Cubs day after day after day.

I am def wondering if I should kidnap Jim Hendry and take over in his place. How can anyone watch our bullpen and go “Damn, that is a sweet bull pen”? Aaron Heilman? Come on. Neal Cotts? Please. Chad Fox? Gone. Action needs to be taken. The only guys that I have COMPLETE confidence in are… oh wait, that’s no one. Gregg and Marmol both give me the jitters when they go up there. However, Guzman hasn’t been too bad as of late.

And I am UBER mad that Randy Wells first major leage outing was awesome but he didn’t get the win! Kids deserves it.

Soto… JESUS MAN! Rookie of the year? Hello? Where did you go? He was up to bat two night in a row with bases loaded and did NOTHING. TWO FREAKING NIGHTS IN A ROW. Um… is this going to be a pattern all year cause I can easily campaign for more Hill time.

My boy Riot was on fire! I didn’t get to blog about his wonderful homers! I wish I could’ve gotten on here sooner! I Ryan Theriot…

except for right now. He’s def in my dog house. Yesterday he had some pretty bad mishaps at short and he hasn’t done anything in the batters box. I think he needs some more time with the “fuzz machine”.

It’s nice to see Bradley come out of his shell. Def need him to start hitting more. He needs to live up to the trade he was.

And Rammy? Don’t even get me started. WTF? More injuries? What is this? 2005? Four to six weeks is a long time. I hope he recovers fast cause he was seeing the ball really well before he went down.

Fons = A+

I think that as a Cubs fan there are 3 teams that you DREAD losing to: 1. Brewers 2. White Sox 3. Cardinals

Watching us lose 2 out of 3 to the Brewers was killer. I have a ton of friends that are Brewers fans now that I live in Wisconsin most of the year. I may just have to shut down my facebook if the heckling gets too bad. (Just kidding… my friends are awesome and don’t do that :])

Might I add that I love Mother’s day. I love the pink bats 🙂 I think they are probably the coolest things ever and I think everyone should have to play with one on mother’s day. Our players with them today were: Milton Bradley, Mike Fontenot, Aaron Miles, new guy Ryan Freel, Geovany Soto, and my boy Ryan Theriot. I kinda wish more guys had them on our team. I’m a little disappointed.

Thoughts on votes for the NL All-Star roster? I’ve been voting but I would like to hear who others are voting for as well.

Early day tomorrow. No game but I have a lot of running around to do before I start working at the Teen Center and the Zoo.

good night & GO CUBS!!



one of those games

Today I got to watch the game.. all 14 innings.

I woke up from my wonderful hour and a half nap after a grueling 2 hours at graduation. And lunch with the family.
That’s right folks! I’m finally done, good riddance.

But back to the game, I have a few things I would like to bring up.

This would’ve have been the cubs 30th win this season. Guess we’ll have to try again tomorrow. And we were the only team in baseball to stay out of the twenty or more loss column, until tonight.

But congrats to DLee. His run in the fourth inning was his 800th career run. Can you say, “milestone”? Congrats again Derrek.

I was happy to see Kosuke back in the lineup. He went 2 for 4 with a walk and an RBI. I like that guy. Can’t wait to go to the game and get his bobble head.

I wish Soriano would be 100% again. He says he feels  good physically but his right calf is a confidence thing. I guess running drills are good for him and he looked better tonight but a player is obviously never at his best when his confidence is down because of an injury.

Let’s make this clear: I love watching our infielders turn double plays. We have some pretty awesome ones sometimes. They had a fantastic 4-6-3 dp in the bottom of the first and another great 5-6-3 dp to escape the 6th. I love our infielders and their double plays.

Speaking of infielders, I would like to compliment Riot on his wonderful stop in the bottom of the 12th to keep the ball from going into the outfield and saving some extra bases. Also, Fontenot replaced DeRo in the bottom of the 6th. Why? Lou ended up batting Ronny so why put Fontenot in for only 1/2 an inning? I like Fontenot but I like Ronny more. I think Ronny’s better in the box and Fontenot is better in the field… well, I just answered my own question. Great.

And let’s get this out right now: I HATE JASON BAY. Bay went 4 for 6 tonight with 3 RBIs, 2 runs, and a walk. Not to mention his homer in the fourth to give the bucs their first lead of the game.

So let’s flow to Marquis. A very… what word should I use?… unpredictable pitcher. You don’t really know how he is going to do in the game,. Well, I sort of take that back. You know he is going to have one bad inning. Except for today. His bad luck (or bad pitching.. which ever you prefer) seemed to spread over a couple innings. At first I thought that inning was going to be the bottom of the second but he got out of that. But then the bottom of the 4th seemed like the bad inning with Jason giving up the 2-run homer to Jason (Bay). Oh wait! The bottom of the sixth was another bad inning for him. He gave up a run to give the bucs an even larger lead of two runs (Damn Michaels). So in the end, if Marquis would’ve gotten more support than he might just have more than two wins under his belt.

When Marmol-ade came in I was like WTF is going on when he was facing the first batter… but then he shaped up and struck out the next two and my WTF changed to a “That’s my boy”. Go Marmol.

Ya know, it’s really disappointing to see Fonsy‘s hot streak gone. 10 home runs in 11 games and then 0 for 4, 1 for 7, etc. I can’t wait for him to get back into the groove. Same with Edmonds. I love the guy. He was the only Cardinal I was ever fond of. When he gets his bat going, it’s ganna get good.

Now let’s look at a play in the top of the 9th, Soriano caught at second. Was he really out? I believe he was by inches. It was very close but this brings in a hot topic in baseball… instant replay. I am all for it. It would be great for the umps to make the right calls sometimes. Esp when those calls pretty much determine the game. Who’s with me?

Fukudome and Aramis get buku bonus points today. Aramis for tying it up in the 8th and Fu for getting the lead in the same inning.

Kerry Wood. I don’t know what to say. I love the guy and was ecstatic to learn he was going to be our closer a while back. But every time he blows a save it gets harder for me to defend him to other doubting cubs fans.

Hahaha here’s something I have never seen before: Henry Blanco playing first. It was great. I mean if you’re out of guys then you gatta get someone. I love Henry.

Major props to Jon Lieber tonight for pitching fantastically.

And can someone please tell me why we had so many guys on and could do nothing with it? We had some pretty awesome chances to score but didn’t.

And can someone else please tell me why not try using Woody as the set up guy and Marmol-ade as the closer? Let’s just try it. I love Woody but maybe he is more fitting to pitch in the 8th and then bring in the heat in the 9th. Maybe I’m missing something.

. Who ever is in that stupid mascot suit is an inconsiderate jerk. Remember the last series we played in Pittsburgh? The bird sat right behind the catcher shaking his big green *** at our pitcher. I am not using this as an excuse for anything but don’t you think that would be annoying?

In the month of June we don’t face anyone from the NL Central. We are 18 – 13 against them. Could this be good or bad?

I am sure there was something else I had to say but I am so tired that I just want to go to bed.