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Liquid Precipitation Strikes Again

1st game of the Crosstown Classic – Called due to RAIN. Not surprising seeing as it was monsooning there. There is no make up date scheduled yet. 

wrigley rain.jpg
And while we were waiting to hear what the call was going to be about the game, we got to listen to Ozzie rant about Wrigley… again. I’m so tired of hearing about it. All right Ozzie, we get it. You don’t like our stadium. You have made your message clear. The media hawks should just stop asking about it. 
They also talked to Ryan Theriot before the game 🙂 (Just thought I’d mention it)

Today’s match up was supposed to be John Danks (4-5) vs Zambrano (4-2). But instead, tomorrow we’ll see Danks (4-5) against Dempster (4-3). Zambrano has been pushed back to Thursday against the Sox. 

One of the best quotes of the night:
“What do I need to show fire for?” Piniella said. “I’m not a dragon.”

The Cubs and Sox are tied at 33 games apiece when it comes to playing each other. The next game will give one team the advantage of the other. And in all of the games they’ve played against each other, the Cubs scored 322 runs and the Sox have scored 323. Crazy stuff how close they are. 
Other little notes: 
  • Von Joshua will make his Cubs debut Wednesday instead of Tuesday now. 
  • The Cubs brought Jake Fox back up because Waddell went on the 15-day DL. He is on the disabled list to be evaluated and treated for a non baseball related issue. 
play nice crosstown.jpg
So tomorrow we will begin the Crosstown Classic. 

College World Series:
Anyone else keeping tabs? 
I am rooting for LSU, of course. They beat both Arkansas and Virginia so they will play friday against the winner of the Virginia/Arkansas game on Wednesday. 
And CS Fullerton and SO. Miss. have been eliminated form the CWS. 
Jared Mitchell: “What did the red fish say to the navy one? You’re blue.” 🙂 
Yesterday I got to meet Mike Fontenot.
meeting font.JPG
He was super nice. And he def cleans up well 🙂 
Anyone see him and Micah Hoffpauir on My Boys? They were actually pretty good, haha.
Until tomorrow, 

“That’s not Andres Blanco… That’s BOBBY SCALES!”

I went to the Cubs vs. Dodgers game at Wrigley today. And even though we lost, I love my Cubbies. It was my first trip out to Wrigley this season and every time gets better and better. Of course you have those idiot baseball (or unbaseball fans) around you sometimes but they’re at every ballpark. The experience for a Cubs fan (and even for those others that will allow themselves to experience it) is incredible. I feel complete after attending a game. I love this team and this sport with everything. This is what I live for.

Here are a few pictures. We were in the CF bleachers about two rows up. I am in that circle… can you see me? I’m jumping up and down. The pictures aren’t the greatest quality but ya gatta work with what ya got, right?

bobby scales homer.JPGfontdleesmall.JPG

the last one is my fav. ❤

Back later with more.


I Think You Got A Monobrow On Your Face

Wow, I found the most amazing videos ever and I must share with you:

The first video is just freaking hilarious. And the second is from the Not For Women Only panel at the 2009 Cubs Convention. I was actually at the panel and it’s much longer. But these are some of the really good parts. Riot and Reed were just priceless!

Now on to business.

May 12, 2009

   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E 
San Diego
2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0   2 5 0
Chi Cubs
0 0 0 0 1 2 1 2 X   6 11 0

I am sort of ashamed to say that I had no confidence in my team after the first inning. We were facing Jake Peavy who struck out 12 in his last game. So I feel like a bad fan cause we won 6 to 2!

Fukudome! Woo hoo! He went 3 for 5 on the night. That was awesome. And Fons! Also 3 for 5 with two RBIs! Don’t forget about Bobby Scales! He had his first career homer tonight! Congrats buddy!! And Ryan Theirot… wait, nvm. MILTON BRADLEY! Hitting in his last six games and bombing one tonight!

Those for guys lit up the offense and Harden was fab striking out 5 and giving up one home run (that happened to be a 2 runner).

Lee was back in the lineup but didn’t do much. He really needs to get back on the horse. We need him to start hitting esp with Rammy out.


Riot is still in my dog house. I’m one of his biggest fans but another 0for night?! Come on Ryan… if you don’t start hitting again then I’ll never hear the end of it. I believe in you!!

And unless I’m missing any… We have had guys strike out or ground out or just get out with bases loaded 3 times in the last three games. Something has to be done about that. I think Gerald Perry needs to step up his coaching game and help these guys figure out what’s wrong cause once again Soto, Lee, Theriot did nothing and Font and Miles weren’t lookin’ too hott either.

And did I ever mention that I miss Mark DeRosa? I’m a HUGE Dero fan and I was very upset when they traded him. I hope to get to a Sox/Cleveland game or even Cubs/Cleveland so I’ll get to see him.


The game tomorrow is at Wrigley at 7:05. Young and Lilly go head to head. Let’s hope for another Cubs W! (And a milwaukee, cinci, and st louis L)

And tomorrow I have to get up EXTREMELY early to pick up my uniform because I start my job at the Milwaukee County Zoo tomorrow and it’s an hour drive. Yay!

goodnight & GO CUBS!!!

Throwing a Fit Like Tejada

Ugh. One of those days, ya know? Well, I’m not actually throwing a fit but I loved it when Miguel Tejada freaked out.

tejada fit


So I was browsing Cubs.com and found some pretty awesome pictures from last nights win.

font scoring


ryan theriot tagging out tejada

Those three were my fav. 🙂


So tonight Dempy takes on Wandy Rodriguez. Those of you who don’t
know Wandy Rodriguez, he went 9 – 7 with a 3.54 ERA. It seems kinda
scary because as I was reading the little info paragraph about him it
said that he ranks 6th in wins in all major league lefties and seventh
in opponents batting average.

Bring it on.

I also love to hear that Fons wants to play in 155 games. Let’s do
the math. 162 – 155 = 7 games. He wants to only miss 7 games. It’s a
little ambitious because as we all know, injuries happen. And whether
its the flu or a torn muscle.. things happen. I hope he gets his 155
games, I really do.


It seems like since the dawn of time, or my time at least, and I
have been let down by these Cubbies. Every year I get more and more
nervous. I’m only 19! 70 to 80 more years of this? Can my heart handle
it? I go into every game extremely nervous. Hoping that we don’t get a
loss and that loss doesn’t lead to another loss. I can only imagine
what fans who have been around longer have gone through! And ya know
what is ever better, I love the thought of Cubs baseball season for my
new 80 to100 or whatever years of, what I hope, isn’t agony but
excitement and success.


Hears to tonight and hopefully another one in the W column!

Our hero’s wear pinstripes; hero’s in blue.
They give us the chance to feel like hero’s too.
Whether we’ll win, and if we should lose,

We know someday we’ll go all the way.
Yeah! Someday we’ll go all the way.

Let’s go Cubbies!!

Game Recap:

April 7, 2009

   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   R   H   E 
Chi Cubs
0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0   2 6 1
0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1   3 10 1

So we didn’t win but it’s only 2 of 162. I like Aaron Miles but I think that, and I am totally biased, Ryan Theriot would have had that ball up the middle in the 10th. 🙂

Fons has hit 2 homers in 2 nights. What more is there to say on that matter? Amazing, that’s what.

And Reed was safe. In the top of the 9th… he was safe at first and we know that because of replay.

DLee drove Riot in for a run. I am pretty sure the girls next door heard me on that one. But other than that it really wasn’t Riot’s night. He had an error (first on the season) and was caught stealing. Even though him and Hill did connect to throw out Matsui the second time.

I just hit my elbow… OW.

And it’s late. Time for quality girl time with the roomies. Night.